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Festival lead: Katrin Klaebo


Phone: 510 0210


Ticket info:

Rapla Culture Center,Tallinna mnt 17, Rapla
Raplamaa Modern Art Center, Tallinna mnt 3b
Märjamaa Rahvamaja, Sauna 2, Märjamaa


Who is NGO Ettevõtlikud Naised Raplamaal?

Ettevõtlikud Naised Raplamaal NGO is a non-profit organization founded in 2009, the goal of which is the more active participation of Estonian women in business and social life. In 2024, the association will have nearly 80 members, who are women from various fields and walks of life. All of us are characterized by openness, the desire to learn, the need for development and the good fortune of the family and the county.