MARCH 6-8, 2020

Naiste Ööde Filmifestival NÖFF (Women’s Nights Film Festival) takes place in cinemas in Rapla and Märjamaa.
The Film Festival is sure to captivate the audience with a selection of socially relevant topics as viewed through the camera lense.
NÖFF screens feature films which focus on WOMEN, or have been created by female directors.
The idea for the festival was nurtured and developed by the members of the NGO Ettevõtlikud Naised Raplamaal, who are also responsible for organising the event.
The film programme for 2020 was curated by the beloved actress and director Maria Avdjushko.
The screening of films in Rapla is supported by Mrs Tiina Lokk-Tramberg and her Black Nights Film Festival team.

Ettevõtlikud Naised Raplamaal MTÜ (NGO Entrepreneurial Women in Rapla County) in cooperation with RAEK SA (Rapla County Development and Business Center ) is implementing the project “Involvement of Entrepreneurial Women in Rapla County in Current Affairs through Art and Film Art” within the framework of a joint project.

The project will be implemented with funding from the EAFRD local community development framework LEADER, measure 3.

The term of the project is August 2019 to July 2021 and during this time, several interesting events will take place in Rapla County.

The aim of the project is to diversify the cultural consumption of people living in rural areas, to show that living in rural areas could be equivalent to living in big cities and to make people think about the important issues in society.


The 2020 Women’s Nights Film festival focuses on motherhood: becoming a mother and being one. Each of us has our own image of a loving mother who is dedicated to her family, but is this image realistic in our fast-paced modern world? Is everyone fit to become a mother? Do all mothers want to be mothers at all? Can anyone who dreams of being a mother become one?
Our two-day journey will take us to different cultures where vital answers are sought to some vital questions. Is a middle-aged woman, who got pregnant from a one-night stand and is despised by her teenage daughter, accepted to be a suitable mother? We will see what Chinese family politics look like, how the state regulates and controls a woman’s life. How one strange child will mess up the life in a big friendly family with several children. Can people from different backgrounds become a family? Is it possible to establish a family in the present welfare society at all? The illuminated screen takes us to faraway places, and together we can experience joy, sadness and love.

We would like to thank you all for your support to NÖFF!
Should you wish to contribute financially, our account information is as follows:

Ettevõtlikud Naised Raplamaal MTÜ
Swedbank EE502200221070434731.