Programm 2024

March 7

At 18:00 Opening of Inga Heamägi’s solo exhibition „PSALMS“ at Rapla Kultuurikeskuse Rütman Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until March 31.

At 19:30 At Raplamaa Contemporary Art Center (Rapla Kaasaegse Kunsti Keskus) Simon Frezer’s performance specially dedicated to NÖFF.

March 8

At 18:00 The doors of the Rapla cinema house are opened.

At 19:00 The ceremonial opening of the sixth Women’s Nights film festival in the Rapla cinema hall. After a short break, the film „ETERNAL SUMMER SYNDROME“ will be screened.

March 9

At 11:30 Presentation of Kristina Ude’s book “KUUKIIK”, opening of Ruudu Rahumaru’s exhibition “I WILL NOT LEAVE MYSELF ALONE” and songs by Karolin Saariste.

At 13:00 A session of Estonian short documentaries. The conversation with the authors will be moderated by filmmaker Mirjam Matiisen.

At 15:00 Panel discussion with Estonian female filmmakers: “Women in leading positions in the film industry – either a dream or a reality”, with Julia Boström, a representative of the Swedish WIFT organization, as a guest. The conversation will be moderated by Kaire Russ and Eve Tisler.

At 17:00 Movie “MAOUSSI”. Film critic Maarja Hinoalla talks to director Charlotte Schiøler.


March 10

At 12:00 Ene Sepp will present her book “EESTLUSE VALEM” at Rapla Kultuurikeskuse kaminasaal. Stina Andok will talk to the author.

At 13:00 “SHE SHOWCASE”. A selection of the world’s top creative communication works in 2023 with a focus on women. The session will be moderated by Marika Jahilo, Estonian representative of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

At 15:00 A session of foreign documentaries. The films “FAT DANCE” and “IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE”

At 17:00 Movie “DAY OFF”

At 19:00 Movie “THE G”

Other important information

All films have Estonian subtitles.
Movie tickets can be purchased at and at the box office before the movie.
The organizer has the right to make changes to the program.